1-4 Last rights
Iranian women have always been consider as second citizens in Iran, and their bodies have been subject to ideologies, political disciplines throughout Iranian history. After the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iranian women, once again, suffered under the state-imposed Islamic ideology that worked to subordinate women and restrain their bodies.
Although the Islamic dress code caused many women of religious backgrounds, to enter the public space and participate in previously male-dominated work areas, the state-imposed Islamic Laws restricted women`s mobility, determined their sex as inferior to men, and thus offended their rights as equal citizens.
Women have always been at the center of my inquiry. In this work, I have chosen the Christian story of the Last Supper to inform my visual representation of women. Iranian woman, similar to Jesus in accordance to the Christian tradition, have been subjected, tortured and deprived of their lives, due to religious and socio-cultural dogmatism. The struggles of Iranian woman have come to exemplify the fight against tyranny and patriarchy.

5-8 Installation peace, The Attack
Following the security forces, he and other thugs attacked demonstrators in the summer of 2009 (during Green Movement uprising in Tehran) using batons, knives and other weapons, inflicting great damage.